Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Feb 10, 2015

Lewis Carroll used the Dodo as a character in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 1865, and it was the popularity of this book that led to the widespread use of the phrase 'as dead as a dodo'.

Some online marketing people have suggested that printed direct mail may meet the same fate.

However, to quote Mark Twain, reports of the direct mail’s death have been greatly exaggerated and many smart companies are returning to it as a more effective medium because people’s Inboxes are getting too full.

Here are three reasons why you should not ignore direct mail as a marketing medium:

Saturation Of Inboxes
With so much email bombarding consumers, it can be refreshing for them to receive a well-crafted direct mail piece which has been designed well and looks personalised.

Reaching The Baby Boomers
As the most affluent generation group in history the baby boomers have considerable buying power. Many of them don’t access email on a regular basis and research shows direct mail remains the best way of reaching them.

Let’s Get Personal
A piece of direct mail delivered in a coloured envelope with a real stamp and addressed in what appears to be hand-writing will have more chance of getting opened. However, don’t worry – you don’t have to hand-write all your envelopes as there are fonts that look like handwriting which can be used.

Studies also show a timely, relevant and well-targeted direct mail piece will beat an e-shot that can be deleted at a click of a button every time.

You may argue the reason you are reading this blog article is because you clicked on a link in an email you received. However, this is because you are subscribed onto our weekly email newsletter but if you had never heard of D2R there would have been very little chance of the email getting opened.

So perhaps the nail in the coffin of direct mail hasn't quite been hammered in and in fact it is time for a resurrection for this medium.

To find out how to get insanely great response rates to your next direct mail campaign just give us a call and we will show you.

After all, we are Dedicated To Response.

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