Should I Email Or Print My Newsletter?

Mar 24, 2022

Ever wondered what would be the most effective way to distribute your newsletter? A list of emails is the most direct and immediate route, but does it pay off? Should you email or print your newsletter?

Emails have a lot of pros going for them. First off, they’re free. Completely free! They go direct from your screen to your audience’s screen basically straight away after you hit Send. All you need from your soon-to-be customers is their email address, and you don’t need to consider the costs of mailing overseas to catch the attention of a worldwide market.

But on the cons side, we know that your email will have to compete for attention in their inbox. And could be competing with a lot other vendors. Never mind their work emails. Or emails of cats from their relatives. Or invites to that party they are only maybe thinking of going to but only if that one mate is going. And this is on the assumption that your email won’t be filtered directly into their spam, never to be read. Once they have briefly read it, it is very easy for it to be disregarded, deleted immediately, and banished from memory.

If you’ve got the budget, a physical mail campaign to a smaller, more focused target audience will lead to an increased response. Increased response is always increased conversion to sales. Your product is in their hands in front of their eyes. You could even include something more than just your words in the mail. A free gift is always going to draw someone’s attention, even some as small as a chocolate bar or lolly. And that isn't something you can attach to an email- another thing to consider if you are trying to decide if you should email or print your newsletter.

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