Should I use a Static or Dynamic QR Code in my Print?

Jun 08, 2022

You’ve read about the benefits of a custom branded QR code, and now there is another option to consider: should you use a static or dynamic QR code in your print? What are they, and how will their differences help your print?

A static QR code is the most common kind, where as soon as the code is generated, no details can be changed without generating a whole new code.

A dynamic QR code has a lot more going on in the background. While the appearance of the code remains the same, the user can update the URL address that it points to when scanned through a web portal. That means, a new one doesn’t have to be generated.

A dynamic QR code opens up a lot more options (depending on who you have generated it, and manage it with). You can easily manage updates to restaurant’s menus or shop’s catalogues without getting everything reprinted, change marketing campaignsand event details while using the same branded poster. You can set an even expiration date on what the code will take the user too, drumming up a feeling of exclusivity and excitement. It is possible to track how many people have scanned your code as well- a very easy way to tell how successful a marketing campaign is.

That all sounds great! Static and dynamic codes are indistinguishable to onlookers. Both can be customised with your company branding. So why would you ever want to go back to using a static QR code?

The timeless debate of your needs versus your budget. Dynamic QR codes are a subscription service, and require a level of management to ensure all details are up to date, all URLs point where you need to, and observe the analytical data. A static QR code is free to generate, and require less management (exactly, none. Other than testing to make sure they work).

A business cards that has specific information on their codes and wouldn’t need to be updated unless the whole card where to be changed anyway (for instance, if a person’s name & job title were changing) would gain no real benefit from a dynamic code. A static code would be the free – and headache free – way to go.

The QR Code Generator and QR Code Tiger are great options for free static & paid for dynamic QR code generation.

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