What Is The Best Paper For Printing Business Cards?

Apr 07, 2022

Have you ever felt like you’re not getting the response you want when you hand someone your business card? It is some peoples first, and lasting impression of your company, so it is worth the extra attention when printing your cards. So, let’s look at the basics of which paper is best to print business cards?

450gsm Silk is a highly durable, thick card. It will barely bend, and hardly tear. At this weight, the cards can be matt or gloss laminated, an extra coating which can add a premium feel. Matt lamination has a smooth surface for a touch of added weight, and gloss lamination catches the light for a high shine finish. At this thickness, you can also consider getting rounded corners, or more finishing options such as spot UV.

360gsm Matt is a fine alternative. While roughly 100gsm thinner (that’s around the weight of generic printer paper), it is still a thick card that holds its shape. If you still wanted this thickness, but a different finish, then 350gsm Silk can add a low-shine smooth surface to it. Silk card does have a yellow-ish ‘off white’ tint to it, to bear in mind if your design is minimalist.

These cards can be printed on a digital press and can be available same day.

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