What Is The Best Paper for Printing Leaflets?

Mar 28, 2022

Your leaflets will be someone’s first impression of your new product or event, from a breakout band’s latest gig to their freshest album drop. You’re going to want their response to be as enthusiastic about your product as you are. And the first place to start is deciding what is the best paper for printing leaflets?

130gsm gloss is a great standard of leaflet. Going for a mass maildrop in the high hundreds or thousands makes this a very economical option. But going for a higher grammage, say 170gsm or 200gsm- more than twice as thick as generic printer paper at home – makes the leaflet feel more expensive in your customers hands.

Going for the thickest possible, at 300gsm and above, is approaching the same standard as postcards or high quality photo paper. These leaflets certainly won’t be easy for someone to screw up and throw away, they are guaranteed to be noticed. This is your go to for a luxury product launch, or kickstarting a new service for your brand.

If you want a more minimalist design, mainly text or block colours to convey a time and a place to your audience, a matt or uncoated for a ‘muted’ finish will probably be ideal for you. You won’t have to worry about the surface getting scratched up or fingerprints leaving marks all over it when it is handled.

If you want to include some photos or your background has a lot of colour, gloss and silk provide a much smoother surface for more a vibrant design. Gloss is a high-shine finish and silk is less shiny. If you have more text than images, the D2R team would recommend silk.

Consider if a double-sided leaflet is the best option for you. More room for any information and images too!

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