What Is The Best Paper For Printing Letterheads?

Apr 22, 2022

Ever had a fight to get your office printer to just print out one(just the ONE! when you’re in a rush too!) invoice or proposal letter onto your office stationary?

Letterheads are one more way a company can make sure their brand has a impact on their customer. If they are elegantly styled or used for purely functional estimate forms, you will still want to know what is the best paper for printing letterheads?

An uncoated stock is ideal for letterheads. This is paper without any extra coating on top at all – no gloss or shine- so it can be overprinted will minimal skewing or smudging. Slip & slide should be the last things involved when thinking about letterheads. Unless you sell water slides. Or health insurance.

100gsm is a standard weight that all domestic printers can feed through. For a slightly thicker stock, 120gsm will feel heavier and more official in your customer’s hands.

Any thicker, approaching 160gsm, and they simply won’t feed through the printer rollers.

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