What Is The Best Paper for Printing Posters?

Mar 21, 2022

Have you ever taken your poster – which you’ve spent hours designing to make all the information look attractive as possible – to your printers only for the final product to look a little lacking and dull? It could be down to something as simple as finding the best paper for posters. You want to show off your product or event in the best possible light, to be visible from afar in any conditions and reflect the high quality of your brand.

This article will help you understand the different types of paper you can choose for your posters so that you can show them off in the best possible light.

For A3 posters, 170gsm is your ideal weight. It’s about twice as thick as generic paper you would use at home. If you are worried your poster needs to be a bit more hard wearing, 250gsm is the next best step up. There is no real advantage to going any higher than this weight, as it is a product that will be attached to a wall or inside a frame for everyone to see; not handled like a leaflet or a postcard.

For larger posters, from A2 up to A0, we print onto a higher weight of 190gsm gloss/silk or 165gsm matt. (This is where weight does become important; a lot of ink on a large flat surface is going to soak into thin paper and be too heavy, risking tearing.)

A gloss finish gives all the colour a lot of lustre, making photos look more luxurious. Silk will give you the same smooth surface for a rich image but doesn’t have as much as the characteristic ‘shine’ as gloss does. This means it won’t catch and reflect the light too much in comparison so you will avoid risking any glare that makes your poster hard to read. Matt or uncoated can be written onto with no smudges, if you wanted to print a plan or chat that can have notes added to it by hand.

There is no going wrong with either option, but the D2R team recommends silk as a great standard.

If you want to get in touch with us about what the best paper for printing your posters is, get your quote at response@d2rCrossMedia.com or give us a call on 01923 601035. Our team are happy to talk about what is the best paper for the Response! your posters deserve.