What Paper Weight Do I Need?

Jul 29, 2022

Not sure about the weight of paper? The ‘grams per square metre’ or gsm of paper can have little meaning if you do not print regularly. Depending on what you print, you might find yourself asking what paper weight do I need?

Ordinary printer paper for use at office and home is typically 80gsm – 100gsm. This is thin and the most basic option for any documents.

Leaflets can come in higher at 130gsm – 170gsm. Or even slightly thicker, approaching card at 250gsm. This range can also include the thickness of paper you would see inside magazines or catalogues.

A invitation, postcard or folded A5 greeting card will range between 300gsm and 350gsm. This is pretty rigid, much less likely to be crumpled or torn. At D2R we print our digital same day business cards on 350gsm, thanks to how sturdy and reliable it is.

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