Why Does Thick Paper Need To Be Creased?

Mar 25, 2022

Have you ever tried to fold a thick piece of paper or a postcard in half by hand? Straight away you’ll see the all the way down the fold the paper will start cracking apart. Either little wrinkles will appear in the solid colour printed onto it or the paper itself will literally split and pieces flake off. Remember, this paper stuff used to be trees.

Creasing (or ‘scoring’) is literally putting a crease line, a bit like a dent, down the spine or fold line of your booklet cover, z-fold leaflet, anything you might need to fold.

If you see a little rounded bump line in a fold, that’s where the paper has been creased. You’ll most commonly find these in greetings cards, as they are almost always printed on 350gsm and higher.

We recommend any weight heavier than 170gsm should be creased if it intends to be folded, especially gloss and silk as these suffer from cracking the most with the extra layer of coating.You can always ask us to review your artwork and choice of stock and we can tell you if and why the paper needs creasing for the best quality.

For a response that won’t crack under pressure (couldn’t resist), get in touch with the D2R team at response@D2RCrossMedia.com or give us a call on 01923 601 035 for a chat about your prints and for a quote today.

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