Who Cares About Your Logo

Mar 09, 2017

It's true - no one really cares that much about your logo.

Okay - that's a harsh statement but it is (mostly) true.

If you’re Apple, and you’ve spent years building a brand that people really care about, then your logo does become quite important as people are willing to spend more money on products that have your logo.

Apple Logo Design

When Apple users lift the lid on their MacBook, they do so in the knowledge everyone will see the glowing Apple logo which makes them look the part.

Most businesses, however, spend a disproportionate amount of time and money on logo design at the expense of other parts of their marketing such as crafting their message and targeting the right people.

So, while it's important to allocate some time to getting the logo right, it should be in proportion to the time and money you spend on the rest of your marketing.

If you need any help with a logo, our designers will create one you will be proud of and not cost the earth. Then, add the correct mix of marketing and you are on your way to getting insanely great response rates.

After all - we are Dedicated To Response!

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