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Who Cares About Your Logo

No one really cares that much about your logo. That's a harsh statement but it is (mostly) true. If you’re Apple, then your logo does become quite important as people are willing to spend more money on products that have your logo. Otherwise, do not put t…


The World's Ugliest Colour

It's been lovingly described as "dirty", "tar", and even "death", just to name a few associations. Pantone 448C, also called opaque couché, may get a raw deal, but this sewage-tinged hue actually has an important mission as experts chose the green-brown s…


Does Your CV Look This Good?

When was the last time you saw a CV that really stood out? One job seeker managed to bag himself a role at GQ without even needing an interview - thanks to some ingenious thinking! Sumukh Mehta created a full 20-page mock-up of an edition of GQ, with info…


My Wife Won't Let Me Eat This

What does a man running a burger stand know about writing attention grabbing headlines? Well, this article shows you a funny anecdote explaining exactly how one guy managed to increase footfall to his burger stand by just thinking about what his target au…


The Humble Apostrophe

A Northern Ireland council has made an apostrophe gaffe costing the taxpayer £1200 in reprints. Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council's grammatical error appeared on an advert for a performance of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. See if you ca…
1200 in reprints. Armagh…Great Expectations. The council chose to reprint its promotional material …on of a literary giant. Money was spent on reprinting advertising boards

The Best Customer Service Ever

This article is about a stunning piece of customer service I recently experienced from Laurel House Charcoal Grill in St Albans. Before I tell you the story, click on the link inside this article to see the awesome gourmet burgers they serve as you will b…
the same ethos we have at D2R when producing print projects for our customers …get our clients the best response from their print. After all

Should I Email Or Print My Newsletter?

Ever wondered what would be the most effective way to distribute your newsletter? A list of emails is the most direct and immediate route, but does it pay off? Should you email or print your newsletter?
Should you email or print your newsletter… are trying to decide if you should email or print your newsletter. Get in touch with us

Why Does Thick Paper Need To Be Creased?

Have you ever tried to fold a thick piece of paper or a postcard in half by hand? Straight away you’ll see the all the way down the fold the paper will start cracking apart. Here's why thick paper needs creasing or scoring to avoid this.
le wrinkles will appear in the solid colour printed onto it or the paper itself will literally… as they are almost always printed on 350gsm and higher. We recommend a

What Is The Best Paper for Printing Leaflets?

Your leaflets will be someone’s first impression of your new product or event, from a breakout band’s latest gig to their freshest album drop. You’re going to want their response to be as enthusiastic about your product as you are. And the first place to …
start is deciding what is the best paper for printing leaflets… more than twice as thick as generic printer paper at home …ut the surface getting scratched up or fingerprints leaving marks all over it when it is handle

What Are The Different Kinds of Book Binding?

A booklet can be the best way to convey information to your market. If you have a technical manual, a product brochure, or a programme for a training course, one of the things you’ll have to consider is what are the different kinds of book binding? And wh…
ar acetate sheet to the front to protect the print