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What's Wrong With This Picture?

It seems the only thing more enjoyable than a brilliant, uplifting, inspirational marketing success is a horrible, embarrassing, cringe-worthy marketing blunder – otherwise known as a big advertising fail. Every year there are plenty of them: the accident…
inspirational marketing success is a horrible…worthy marketing blunder … are you sure your marketing message is being received in the right way…you would like us to look over your existing marketing we would be happy to schedule one of our sup

When Fedex Almost Went Bust

The founder of FedEx, Frederick Smith once gambled his last $5000 on a blackjack table to keep the business alive. What happened next was a combination of sheer luck, business bravery and some great marketing to grow the company to the success it is toda…
don't gamble with your marketing

Does Your CV Look This Good?

When was the last time you saw a CV that really stood out? One job seeker managed to bag himself a role at GQ without even needing an interview - thanks to some ingenious thinking! Sumukh Mehta created a full 20-page mock-up of an edition of GQ, with info…
People are faced with an endless stream of marketing and ignore stuff that looks the same as ever…ouble getting the desired response from your marketing just send us the artwork from your last camp

My Wife Won't Let Me Eat This

What does a man running a burger stand know about writing attention grabbing headlines? Well, this article shows you a funny anecdote explaining exactly how one guy managed to increase footfall to his burger stand by just thinking about what his target au…


The Humble Apostrophe

A Northern Ireland council has made an apostrophe gaffe costing the taxpayer £1200 in reprints. Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council's grammatical error appeared on an advert for a performance of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. See if you ca…


The Best Customer Service Ever

This article is about a stunning piece of customer service I recently experienced from Laurel House Charcoal Grill in St Albans. Before I tell you the story, click on the link inside this article to see the awesome gourmet burgers they serve as you will b…