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How To Use QR Codes In Your Print

Have you seen those strange black boxes popping up everywhere? Over posters, delivery labels, even business cards? Everyone has a different blocky pattern? Like futuristic hieroglyphics? Those would be QR codes. Now let’s talk about how to use QR codes in…
Those would be QR codes. Now let…s talk about how to use QR codes in your print. QR Codes It has become very easy to generate QR codes. The QR Code Generator is a great free websi

Should I use a Static or Dynamic QR Code in my Print?

​You’ve read about the benefits of a custom branded QR code, and now there is another option to consider: should you use a static or dynamic QR code in your print? What are they, and how will their differences help your print?
te of your needs versus your budget. Dynamic QR codes are a subscription service