We create campaigns that get insanely great response rates from their target audience by using some amazing trade secrets that only the best marketing professionals know about.

As a member of the Entrepreneur’s Circle and also several other marketing groups, our owner and Head Of Marketing – Aarif Merali, is one of the best marketers and copywriters within the UK print industry.

Aarif knows exactly how to understand a marketing campaign’s objectives and deliver the right message to the right audience using the right media.

Rather than jumping on the bandwagon of the latest marketing fad, Aarif sticks to the fundamental principles of marketing to ensure that each campaign has crafted the correct message and is relevant to the target audience.

If you have a marketing project requirement, then we will be able to:

  • Come up with fantastic new concepts you may not have thought of
  • Craft attention-grabbing headlines for your marketing material
  • Write compelling copy that will encourage prospects to act
  • Print the material in just the right way to generate response
  • Handle all the mailing and fulfilment

Several of our clients have been amazed at the increased response rates they have received after following our approach.

Once you follow the tried and tested approach we have used with several other clients, you will never want to go back and do marketing the old way.

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Response rates increased by up to 40%, compared to the usual 2-3% return...

“D2R have been supplying printing and marketing services to our payroll company for over 8 years, mainly producing brochures, letterheads and business cards. They produce thousands at a time and delivered when they say they will. Aarif and his team are extremely communicative, energetic and passionate and they keeps their clients happy by delivering consistently - over and over again. Well that's the reason why we keep using their services! He pays a close interest in our business making sure he understands our marketing strategy through regular contact. He offers some unique marketing ideas where his company can increase response rates by up to 40%, compared to the usual 2-3% return on direct mail marketing. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending D2R for any printing and marketing needs.”
Craig Moss - Business Development Director, FutureLink Group

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